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Switchgear Support's News

Small Company with Big Engineering Company Capabilities

Small Company with Big Engineering Company Capabilities

Switchgear Support is a small company but is capable of taking on large, complex projects.  How are we able to do this?  Simply, we have developed a network of strategic partners that are specialists in their field and capable of injecting ideas and skills into each element of a project. We are completely capable of installing, testing, commissioning and maintaining all of the HV switchgear products we supply but without large numbers of employees. At Switchgear Support Ltd we do things slightly differently than many engineering support companies.

Customers looking for solutions to challenging retrofit projects realise that a company offering relevant knowledge and experience is absolutely key. With over 30 years of industry experience in the technical aspects, testing and management of HV switchgear we are able to offer innovative new ideas and designs which help customers increase the lifespan of their equipment.  In fact, being small offers many benefits to these projects as no complex justification analysis has to be reviewed by senior managers or directors.  We are able to move quickly to provide proposals and start designs and testing schedules.

Quality and safety processes are obviously paramount to the industry and we direct a significant amount of effort to ensure that ourselves and our partners adhere to all relevant standards and registrations.  We were, therefore, extremely pleased when we were rewarded with Achilles Verify B1 registration within 18 months of launching the business.  Further to this we have been successfully audited by numerous blue chip organisations that have long term business relationships with us.

We foster multiple relationships with fully audited partners and sub-contractors all over the globe. We carry out rigorous reviews and audits ourselves to ensure they are actively participating in relevant industry programmes and standards. These relationships span over 10 years and enable us to perfectly match the skills required for each customer’s specific project.  Switchgear Support has all of the necessary in-depth technical product knowledge to ensure that our Method Statements accurately reflect the work to be undertaken, thereby minimising site and network risks.

Sub-contractors are selected by capabilities and their ablity to provide our customers with maximum geographical coverage.  So our customers have some of the best staff in the world working on their projects. By using this network of partners we are able to provide our customers with engineering solutions and technicians the world over, inclusive of both on-shore and offshore installations.

Another benefit of using Switchgear Support is that our customers’ projects are coordinated by the owner himself, Dave Johnson, who has over 30 years experience in the industry. So there’s a designated, experienced professional working on your contract from start to finish.

If you’d like to see how Switchgear Support Ltd can manage your contracts with the best staff possible then contact us.



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