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The Ever-Increasing Demands of Modern Society on Electrical Power Supplies

The Ever-Increasing Demands of Modern Society on Electrical Power Supplies

Every year technology moves us in brand new directions. As the seasons turn and the calendar moves increasingly faster, society faces greater and greater demands. While the consumer public is blissfully unaware of the demands this is placing on major manufacturing, travel industries, and a host of other operations enterprises around the world, our clients know all too well that these changes not only need to be addressed, but also incorporated into models for the near and far future.

It’s not enough to sit back and wait for problems to arise; we need to be proactive and predict what will be coming around the corner before it arrives in plain view. Sometimes to gain a clearer view of a situation is to break it down into more manageable and understandable aspects and really flesh out the options available.

A good example of this is until now National Grid created a single forecast of gas and electricity demand for the UK.  However in November 2011 they released an analysis based on three different scenarios because, ‘A single forecast of energy demand does not give a sufficiently rich picture of possible future developments…’  Download a PDF of this document here.

Older Homes as the Model for the Future Issues

Take a look at any home that was built more than fifteen or twenty years ago that has not undergone any electrical upgrades and you’ll most likely find a perfect example that manufacturing and other major industries are facing today. As a society, we are more reliant than ever before on electrical power. Twenty years ago, most homes were designed around a 100 Amp power model and at the time, any need for more power was considered obscene. Today, with the ever increasing number of electrical appliances found in every home, there is an inevitable increase in power demands, with the standard 100 amp power supply reaching it’s limitations. These homeowners are facing the prospect of having to upgrade to 200 amps or something in between.

At Switchgear Support we address these issues but on a larger, industrial scale. If you are beginning to consider that the current or near-future demands of your industry are placing pressure on your existing power supply sources, or that you might not be able to meet your customers’ requirements, it is time to think about upgrading to increased amperage ratings, including circuit breakers, bushing, copper connections, and more.

The Time to Consider These Aspects and Issues is Today

We cannot emphasize enough the importance of addressing the growing demands of modern society on switches, breakers, and more. Operations run efficiently when you supply the best and most appropriate tools. There is no excuse for trying to squeeze a few more months out of your existing sources. If a day lost to a problem could cost tens of thousands of dollars, making the investment today to upgrade is the only real option. Look at your switchgear options and make a move into the future now.



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