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Bespoke Switchgear Modifications and Upgrades

Switchgear Support Ltd are essentially a solution provider – clients often table a problem and we will advise the most technically capable, but economically viable solution and implement it for them.

With nearly 30 years experience in finding solutions for a variety of legacy product requirements, we have the ability to tailor our skills to each and every customer requirement, including but not limited to:

  • Cable box upgrades (1-3c, 6-1c, 9-1c etc and top entry/bottom entry)
  • Cable box conversions (compound to dry/air type)
  • Busbar end boxes for compound or air insulated busbar systems, with top or bottom entry cables and any combination of cable connection (1-3c, 6-1c etc)
  • Busbar adaptor/joggle chambers – compound or air insulated busbar systems, 400A-2000A rating
  • Extension panels complete with dedicated vacuum circuit breakers – withdrawable, vertically isolated range of switchgear to extend virtually any UK manufacturers single or double busbar units (without need for busbar joggle chamber) – air insulated or compound insulated busbars
  • Skeleton panels – originally supplied equipment with minimal internal components (generally just busbars and busbar shutters) can be fully equipped to original design standards or certification to ensure original switchboard fully utilised 
  • Refurbishment of switchgear – complete refurbishment of panel and breaker to customer specification or just circuit breaker refurbishment
  • Replacement of oil switches – involving replacement of oil switches with circuit breaker panels where oil switches were deemed appropriate at the onset, but modern network configuration requires circuit breaker design (straight swap – oil switch removed and new circuit breaker panel inserted)
  • Fitting of surge arresters – if certain types of circuit breaker (ie, vacuum) are used for direct on line motor starter applications, consideration should be given to fitting surge arresters (particularly where ageing motors are concerned)
  • Conversion of conventional ocb/Vacuum/SF6 panels for frequent switching duties from onerous circuit breaker operation to vacuum contractor operation
  • Earthing truck upgrades – where earthing trucks are no longer available, it may be possible to convert a circuit breaker into an earthing truck
  • Many, many more options - please Contact Us
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