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Consumable Spares

HV switchgear, particularly oil based ranges of equipment, will almost certainly require spare components during their lifetime, which could easily span more than 50 years. General wear and tear, high frequency switching or post fault switching maintenance are just some of the reasons for component replacement.

It is essential that the original or latest component design is used for any replacement components in order to maintain the certified rating of the switchgear.

Support available

We provide genuine spares for Brush Switchgear, South Wales Switchgear and Hawker Siddeley Switchgear legacy oil/SF6/vacuum HV switchgear, rated up to 400kV, including but not limited to: 

  • Fixed/moving contacts-arc control pots-gaskets/vent seals-tank barriers
  • Isolating contacts
  • Mechanism components – springs, trip props, drive shafts
  • Circuit breaker auxiliary equipment (motors, shunt trip coils, spring release coils, closing solenoids, anti pump contactors etc)
  • Lifting bars/contact bars/throw off springs
  • Bushings/insulators
In many instances, our customers' equipment dates back over 50 years.  There may have been several design and/or safety enhancements to individual component parts over those years.  For this reason, reverse engineering cannot guarantee the correct component supply. 

We at Switchgear Support Ltd guarantee that the components we supply are up to date in terms of design revision. This provides our customers with the peace of mind that the original certified design has not been compromised.