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Protection / Metering Modifications

The legacy products of Brush Switchgear, South Wales Switchgear and Hawker Siddeley Switchgear were so well engineered and designed there are tens of thousands of units still providing exemplary service.

However, it is inevitable that there are going to be occasions where switchgear installed up to 50 years ago will need a change of duty or general protection upgrades to increase the security of the network through increased protection performance.

In addition to making these changes to existing HV switchgear we are able to provide any metering enhancements required to cater for changes in duty, network reconfiguration or tariff requirements.

Potential Modifications

We specialise in protection modifications to any Brush Switchgear, South Wales Switchgear or Hawker Siddeley Switchgear legacy product including:

Protection relay upgrades:

  • Conversion of electromechanical relays to microprocessor based relays to provide more functionality
  • Change of duty of switchgear panels (e.g. feeder panel to generator panel)
  • Introduction of new protection schemes (e.g. addition of bus zone protection)
  • Conversion of time limit fuse protection to modern protection relays
  • Protection Studies

Voltage Transformers:

Switchgear Support Ltd is able to add new busbar or feeder connected VT’s to most of the Brush Switchgear, South Wales Switchgear or Hawker Siddeley Switchgear legacy ranges of switchgear.  We are able to modify existing VT’s, specifically:
  • From oil to cast resin
  • Change from 3 limb to 5 limb
  • Change class or ratio for improved accuracy
  • Provide modification kits for VT’s with known issues over their 40 year service history

Current Transformers:

Switchgear Support Ltd is able to provide a wide range of CT’s:
  • Any ratio/class ring CT to add to or replace existing CT’s (provided physical space constraints are not compromised)
  • Where required CT’s cannot be accommodated, we can look at alternative certified solutions (ie, convert to trefoil assemblies, extended CT chambers, cable box bushings with provision for CT’s)
  • Core balance CT’s
  • Replacement or conversion to wound type cast resin single or double secondary CT’s
  • Bus section CT’s

Switchgear Support Ltd has extensive knowledge of individual CT assemblies to ensure:

  • No circuit shutdown required in most circumstances to determine physical sizing of CT’s
  • Replacement shrouds or suitably approved insulation for joints that need to be replaced when changing and/or adding CT’s