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Brush Switchgear – FV/FVR/FVT

Typical FV switchboard of the 1970’sThe FV range of Switchgear was the forerunner in Fixed Pattern Switchgear in the UK.  Introduced in the 1970’s, the product was revolutionary in its design and provided considerable benefits to the user.

The FV range is installed on both Utility networks and industrial systems at voltages up to 12kv and short circuit ratings up to 31.5kA.  Continuous current ratings of 2000A were available for individual circuits.

These units were particularly popular for frequent switching duties where solenoid operated mechanisms were beneficial. The FV range was extremely varied and versatile with single selector options, double selector options and on some occasions, selectors fitted between CT’s and cable box. Different design mechanisms and vacuum interrupters allowed cost effective ranges of switchgear from 12.5kA to 31.5kA. 

Whilst there are no operational issues with the FV range of Switchgear, all moving mechanical components will, at some point, fall outside of the design tolerances and may fail.

Switchgear Support Ltd is the UK’s leading support specialist for this range of switchgear, with unique experience of all aspects of the FV range. We can offer the following unrivalled support:

  • FV Switchgear obsolescence issues/studies and replacement components
  • FV Switchgear retrofit/replacement of key components
  • FV Switchgear spare parts
  • FV Switchgear fault level capabilities
  • FV Switchgear operational tools
  • Fitting of surge arresters and much more
  • FV Switchgear DIN/SOP/NEDER modifications
  • FV Switchgear adaptor chambers to other OEM products or between similar units
  • FV Switchgear complete support
    • protection upgrades
    • VT’s
    • CT’s
    • cable boxes
    • changes of duty