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Brush Switchgear – HV6 (Hawkvac6)
HV6/VSI Switchboard

The HV6 range of equipment is used on networks of 7.2kV and below and has short circuit levels of up to 40kA. The contactors are rated at 6.6/7.2kV, 400A.  Whilst the range was introduced in the late 1970’s, there are still many units providing very reliable service to their owners.

The HV6 units were generally employed for motor starting duties, where frequent operation was prevalent. Whilst there are no operational or service issues with the HV6 switchgear, all equipment that is frequently operated has a finite life due to general wear and tear of components.

The HV6 switchgear generally formed part of a composite switchboard with incoming circuit breakers/bus section breakers from the VSI, VV (Vactruck) or the VMV ranges of switchgear.  Freestanding units, dedicated HV6 switchboards or specific motor starter arrangements such as auto transformer/Korndorffer starters were also commonplace.

Switchgear Support Ltd offer full support for the HV6 range of equipment and can assist where some components are now obsolete, thus ensuring that you can continue to benefit from the exemplary service with which you will now be familiar.

We can offer a wide range of support for the HV6 range including:

  • HV6 CT’s
  • HV6 VT’s
  • HV6 retrofit contactors
  • HV6 control circuit components
  • HV6 time delay units
  • HV6 primary fuselinks
  • HV6 jumper/test leads
  • HV6 changes of duty
    • unlatched to latched contactors
  • HV6 spares (general)
  • HV6 operational DIN/SOP/NEDER information