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Brush Switchgear – VV (Vactruck)

Vactruck SwitchboardThe VSI Vactruck (VV6, VV8, VV12 & VV20) and the VTD Vactruck range of equipment were introduced in the early 1980’s and installed on networks of 12kV and below, with short circuit levels of up to 25kA.

Continuous current ratings of up to 2000A were available and units could be in single busbar or double busbar format. The switchgear fixed portion was identical to the proven Brush Switchgear VSI and VTD ranges therefore benefitting from  twenty years of proven pedigree. To the naked eye, the units looked no different externally to the VSI and VTD units.

Employing vacuum technology and low energy mechanisms, they have proven to be very reliable and have many hundreds of thousands of service hours behind them.

Whilst these units are very reliable, it is inevitable that they will require some support during their lifetime.  Problems may be encountered in finding the required expertise in order to support these products, but Switchgear Support Ltd have first hand knowledge and experience of these units.

Switchgear Support Ltd can advise customers on every aspect of the Vactruck (VV) series of vacuum circuit breakers and panels, including but not limited to:

  • Vactruck obsolescence issues & replacement components
  • Vactruck spare parts
  • Vactruck retrofit vacuum circuit breakers
  • Vactruck Fault Level capabilities
  • Vactruck operational tools
  • Vactruck DIN/SOP/NEDER modifications
  • Vactruck busbar adaptor chambers to other OEM products
  • Fitting of surge arresters

  • Vactruck switchgear extension panels
    • (without busbar joggle/adaptor chambers)
  • VSI Vactruck & VTD Vactruck complete switchgear support
    • Protection upgrades
    • Changes of duty
    • VT’s
    • CT’s
    • Cable boxes
    • Replacement circuit breakers