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Switchgear Support Ltd

Bringing over 30 years experience of working in the HV Switchgear industry, Switchgear Support Ltd offers a range of solutions enabling customers to deliver strategic projects on time, within budget.

This experience, combined with the personal and efficient service we provide, perfectly positions us to offer our customers the most appropriate and cost effective solutions from a wide range of services in the industry. 

We specialise in supporting Hawker Siddeley Switchgear legacy products, incorporating Brush Switchgear and South Wales Switchgear products, but we are equally proficient at upgrading Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) switchgear ranges, for example, GEC and Reyrolle Switchgear.

Why Switchgear Support Ltd

  • Large company capabilities combined with small company efficiency
  • Great pride in personal service differentiates us - our solid and loyal customer base turn to us time and again
  • Niche capabilities. We work very closely with customers to identify needs and subsequently offer the most appropriate cost effective solutions
  • Strategic alliances and partnerships with suppliers, manufacturers, consultants and agents augment our capabilities and offerings
  • Able to leverage our services globally
  • Achilles Verify B1 certified
Our Capabilities

Find out our capabilities, what we can do for you and your business. We work closely with customers to understand their ever developing needs enabling us to provide flexible, effective solutions that represent substantial benefits. Find Out More

Why Choose Us?
Large company capabilities combined with small company efficiency. We take great pride in personal service to differentiate us from others - our solid and loyal customer base turn to us time and again. Review Case Studies
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