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11kV - 24kV Switchgear

Since 2013, Switchgear Support Ltd (SSL) has been closely working with Tavrida Electric Export (TEE) and we have now commenced the supply of TEE’s type MILE air insulated switchgear.


The MILE switchgear is a horizontally withdrawable vcb design, which allows for supreme flexibility in terms of operational and network performance.  STOR generation schemes are just one application where withdrawable switchgear is better suited than other switchgear designs.


The MILE series switchgear, which comprises a complete range of 12kV, 17.5kV and 24kV voltage classes, is intended for operation in a diverse range of industries.

SSL offer a complete supply, delivery, install, cold commissioning and system commissioning service to any of our clients. 



31.5kA, 3150A up to 17.5kV
25kA, 2500A up to 24kV
(for full ratings/panel types; download brochure)

STOR generation units




Exceptional safety:
The MILE series switchgear is designed to meet the LSC2B-PM, AFLR 31.5kA (1sec) classification as per IEC 62271-200.

As an additional safety feature, we can supply full internal arc detection schemes with very high-speed disconnection times.

High operational reliability:
The magnetic actuator vcb at the heart of the switchgear provides an extremely reliable system – each vcb is subjected to 1,000 (one thousand) Close-Open cycles during routine testing after production.

The VCB, earthing switch and cast resin insulation technology is virtually maintenance free, with the only requirements consisting of periodical function checks.