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South Wales Switchgear – 33kV Hawkgas 36
(HG36) Switchgear - indoor and outdoor
Typical indoor HG36 switchboard
The HG36 range of equipment was introduced in the early 1980’s as part of the Hawkgas family.  They are installed on networks of 33kV and below, with short circuit ratings of 25kA. 
The equipment is single busbar only and has busbar ratings of up to 2000A.  They were available as indoor or outdoor units.

The HG36 circuit breakers utilised SF6 as the insulating and interrupting medium and were available as 1250A and 2000A ratings.

The fixed portion panels were air insulated and utilised cast resin insulation throughout.

Switchgear Support Ltd are one of the leading authorities on the HG36 range of equipment, with a complete and concise understanding of all variants, and can provide full support for these products and improvements/upgrades where necessary, including :

  • Obsolescence issues and replacement components
  • Spare parts
  • Retrofit vacuum circuit breakers
    • up to 2000A and 31.5kA ratings, with voltages up to 15kV
  • Complete refurbishment option
  • Fault level capabilities and guidance
  • Busbar upgrades
  • Operational tools
  • Operational DIN/SOP/NEDER information and modifications
    • where necessary
  • Complete switchgear support
    • protection upgrades, VT’s, CT’s, cable boxes, replacement circuit breakers